Advanced YouTube studio setups: Tips from top creators.

Advanced YouTube studio setups: Tips from top creators.

With one of the best video monetization schemes of any social media network, along with significant potential viewers, YouTube Studio is the place to be for budding content creators. Your secret ticket to everything that goes on on your channel corresponds to the YouTube Studio. This is the area where you post videos, customize your homepage, and set up revenue streams. So, here we compiled a list where top creators who are initially making use of it when beginning the YouTube channel. Let’s start from scratch!


No matter how fine the kit is, recording in a crowded, noisy environment will soon lower the quality of your work. If you don’t have a home office, try to find a peaceful space where you may adjust the amount of sound and what is in focus. Ideally, it’s a room with a door you can shut to keep interruptions out, or at the least, it’s a location where you can manage the background so that people and/or animals won’t cross your frame. Having a peaceful, private area that is under your control is crucial.


  • You don’t need to spend as much money on a high-end camera to get great footage when your setup includes enough lighting, sound, and stability from your tripod.
  • However, a camera is a need for every YouTuber, and there are models to suit every taste and ability level.
  • As long as the smartphone has HD capability, a camera setup can get by with one. A YouTube video should have a minimum resolution of 1080p, even if your phone isn’t 4K Camera capable.
  • Think about purchasing a lens that is compatible with your camera body and has autofocus. A 4K PTZ conference webcam with good light and sound can be quite helpful when gaming or streaming.


  • No matter how beautiful your frame is, nothing can ruin it more than poor audio. Even when operating a video podcast, it might be easy to neglect sound quality, but the truth is that a microphone can make or break your YouTube channel. With wireless BM_mic, a small investment can go a long way toward high-quality audio.
  • Air Pods or other phone-connected mics can sound thin and shrill when used for smartphone photography. Look for a device, such as a desk-mounted microphone, that can record independently from your smartphone and connect to the USB connection on your computer.
  • An external sound mixer is a worthwhile investment for high-end audio installations as it enables you to adjust recording levels and connect a collar mic.


  • A tripod with a ring light is a good option if you’re using a smartphone. You need a tripod to get the most out of any specialized camera equipment. You will need something heavier if your camera is a DSLR or larger.
  • To ensure your frame is straight, make sure the tripod you choose can support the weight of your camera by checking its weight specifications.
  • If the surface is stable and solid, you can always place your camera on a bookshelf or table in a pinch. It’s not a permanent fix, but it might help you plan your outfit and determine the type of tripod you’ll need.
  • Selecting a webcam mount that won’t sway or rattle is crucial because even the act of typing on your desk might cause the camera to move.
  • Seek for a webcam tripod that can withstand the shock of any motions made by a game controller or keyboard, such as a flexible stand.


  • Light-emitting diodes, or LED lights, offer the most value for the money. They produce minimal heat, use very little energy, and are quite effective.
  • For creators who talk directly to the camera, ring lights are an excellent and affordable solution LED that can assist in lightening your face in a way that is attractive.
  • Another inexpensive video lighting solution is to use daylight-balanced bulbs to create a soft, even light by hanging China balls.
  • Remember to turn on all external lighting, and change the lightbulbs in any little lamps that are part of the frame so that they match the color temperature of your main source of light.
  • An inexpensive and simple approach to adjusting the hue and colour temperature of your YouTube lighting setup is with smart light strips and bulbs.

Audio and video software:

  • There are free or inexpensive programs that let you edit video directly on your Apple or Android smartphone if you took the clip with one of those gadgets. Just remember to import any recorded external audio that you may have.
  • Programs like Premiere and Final Cut X are a little more expensive but provide greater control for DSLR users. On the other hand, there are several free web applications available that support basic editing.
  • Vimeo and Canva both have web-app video editors. You may clip and export your footage using the basic editing feature in YouTube’s Creator Studio.

Hope, this guide is useful for first-time YouTubers. 

Interactive Whiteboard Means

The myth is that some think that an interactive whiteboard is a projector. Let’s clear the cloud first.

The machine works to display whatever is on the computer screen to the whiteboard is the purpose of the projector. Now, using an interactive white board similar to how a computer is used, with your fingers instead of a mouse. The operations and activities that have been digitized make it simple to communicate with one another and brainstorm together.

The purpose of white boards in places like education institutes is to make easy video conferencing and teaching, then in conferences in corporations where it is easy to give presentations and discussions.