Choosing the right wireless microphone for needs: A comprehensive buyer’s guide

Choosing the right wireless microphone for needs
When do you need a wireless microphone? There are various reasons however, to connect better with the audience is a suitable one. Even if you’re deciding to shop the wireless microphones for the shareholder meeting, rocking a local club, parties or functions, then this article highlights the things you need to confirm and decide before buying one.
In today’s world everyone is holding these wireless microphone systems from big business presentations, CEOs, journalists, vloggers and many more to take their message across loud and clear. When it comes to wireless microphones, there are analog, digital microphone systems available so based on your needs, you can choose the best one.

Types of wireless microphone systems:

The purpose and need of wireless microphone systems need to be understood first. When buying a wireless microphone system, try different brands and models, kind of performance and match your requirements.

  1. UHF (ultra-high frequency) vs VHF (Very high frequency) wireless microphone systems. Walkie-talkies, radio-controlled toys use VHF signals.
  2. Analog vs digital wireless microphone systems
  3. Dynamic wireless microphones used for live concerts and passed to multiple speakers.
  4. Condensers are used in broadcasting as they are invisible.
  5. Headsets are hands-free movements used in fitness instruction or dancing.

How to pick the best wireless microphone?

It is important to know how to choose a good microphone and here are some basic checklists you need to be sure about a few things.

It starts by checking the good range and sound from a distance. It is important that the gadget holds sufficient battery and sufficient power for as long as needed. Thus, it is obvious to check the wireless microphone speaker and other features before investing in it.

Sound quality:

Wireless microphone has a clear and fresh sound quality even if you’re going to use it for personal or professional use. Frequency response, noise reduction and dynamic reach are some of the aspects you need to determine the sound quality.

Frequency response:

A wireless microphone with wide frequency response from low to high frequencies without distortion. Today, the 2.4GHz band is the optimum range that most wireless microphones operate. And with narrow frequency, the response range is unable to get every one of the sounds and some may misrepresent sounds. So, it is similar to the computer wi-fi signal transmission and may change.

Signal strength:

How far or distance that receiver receives the signal and fades out. If the signal strength is too low, then it means you need to draw near to the receiver so without a certain range, the signal reduces, so you can’t go for such a wireless microphone. Ensure the specific range the signal strength is optimum before selecting one.


Here are some questions needed to find answers when you’re looking for a wireless microphone.
  • How much is required to run the microphone?
  • What type of batteries are needed? (AA, AAA, 9V batteries)
  • What is the durability of the mic battery? Average time will last about 5 hours on a full charge.
Should I buy a rechargeable battery for this? However, the best option is to look for the rechargeable batteries as you don’t need to deal with the hassle of buying new ones once they are worn out. Plugin using USB portal and you can use it again. A hassle free one.The reasons for choosing wireless microphone for business or signing with rechargeable batteries are:
    • It is environmentally friendly unlike the disposable ones.
    • Disposable one causes and contributes to pollution
  • Rechargeable batteries can easily be recycled without harming the environment.
  • It is always good to prefer low-cost rechargeable batteries with long lasting durability.


Product warranty is a good thing where mostly the brand offers at least one year warranty. There are some cases when the professional wireless microphone price is quite high and if there is anything wrong or fault occurs then you can claim to replace or fix it without being charged extra fees.


This is another factor, where some might need to consider.

You need to buy a suitable mic or transmitter set because not all companies offer the same design. So, you need to ensure whether it works on iOS and android or on both. As some of the brands may work for all gadgets and some may not, so before buying know which device is suitable for it to set up.

It is better to shop for microphones, transmitters and receivers of the same brand, frequency and functions. As some may not work with just receivers since they need to be under the same frequency. You cannot use many wireless microphones in one receiver.

So, the tip here is- you need to consider more than brand and price while buying a wireless microphone system and adapter that matches the requirements.

Does benchmark technomate satisfy these factors? Yes. You can find the BM_MIC, a wireless mic kit is sufficient as it offers features that includes

  • Excellent broadcast sound quality and construction
  • Range up to 100 meters/330 feet
  • Suitable for outdoor shoots and field recordings
  • Operate up to 8 hours
  • High flexibility
  • Easy to wear and light weight