Conference Solution

High-Definition 1080p Clarity in Any Environment

Low lighting conditions are no longer a problem. With pioneering 2D and 3D DNR and WDR technology, the P10 delivers crisp and clear image quality. A class-leading camera lens delivers 1080p professional images at any distance. Meetings of any size never looked so good.

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Preparation Mode by Benchmark Technomate

You can make courseware anywhere

Teachers can easily create course materials by using preparation mode. Both account login in and file cloud storage are supported

Easy Campus Management

Interactive flat screens can be easily and completely managed across campus thanks to DMS monitoring software. Panel grouping, status monitoring, time & channel switching, volume control, and information

Easy Campus Mnagement - Interactive Flat Screens
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With BM, See Clearly and Large Distance Stars

Every student is involved in BM even in sizable classrooms. The huge, breathtakingly brilliant display grabs attention, and the advanced audio features make sure that every voice is heard