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Video Conference

A simple tap on the screen can start a productive conference. Providing more than just a smart display, the Benchmark interactive flat panel is a complete solution for presentations, presentations, brainstorming, and video conferencing.

Digital Board for Video Conference
Wireless Screen Sharing

Wireless Screen Sharing farewell to Debugging and Waiting

With the BM Wireless Dongle and BM Share, you are able to eliminate cable limitations, enabling wireless sharing of photos and documents through your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Interaction is the key to brainstorming

It is possible to share screens from up to four devices at the same time. Additionally, BM supports mutual control between IFPs and PCs.

Interaaction is the key to brainstorming | Benchmark Digital Board
Video Conferencing Platform | Classroom recording and sharing

Classroom recording and sharing

A video conferencing platform allows for the delivery of live online classes from anywhere and at any time. The lectures can also be recorded and saved at the same time, for the students who couldn’t attend or if they want to simply learn again for revision.