How to use an Interactive Whiteboard for Online Classes?

Using Interactive Whiteboard for Online Learning
Nowadays, the concept of interactive whiteboards has gained a lot of attention as it provides various benefits. To understand how interactive whiteboards are useful for students, you need to know what interactive whiteboards are.

The best digital whiteboard for teaching refers to the display which responds to the input provided by the users or from any digital gadgets, this digital board can digitize the tasks provided and make it possible to create an interactive classroom environment.

Now digital sources are implemented in today’s classroom and can see the virtual classroom growth where digital whiteboards become prominent use. Since it can share messages and can drive collaborative learning.

Online whiteboard: How is it useful?

This online whiteboard restores the energy between teacher and students in a physical classroom which matches with collaborative online experience. It is similar to the physical whiteboard which helps in preparing the classes and lessons, getting students engaged, fun activities, sharing documents, keeping track of assignments, class insights and much more. Let’s discuss the advantages of online whiteboards:
  • For virtual classrooms, the teachers can easily track the students’ progress with the virtual whiteboards. With the use of pen tool features, you can ensure the students are able to find the concepts clearly with the visual representations. Teachers can also make use of emojis, and mind maps to make the learning more interactive.
  • Easy to upload the online lessons with the online whiteboard tools. Make use of tools and apps which make it easy to upload images, PDFs, Google Drive documents, and MS Office files. Create a space for students to upload their assignments, add files to lectures straight into boards and keep everything in one place.
  • Make use of different learning styles which means the ability to use audio sounds and showcase content to the students. This is easier for students having special needs since they can get the most out of each classroom and improve content learning.
  • Cost-effectiveness is another benefit where interactive whiteboards are highly considered. When compared to the traditional classroom, there is a daily requirement of chalk and other additional tools like erasers which is not required for this interactive whiteboard. This reduces the additional costs for the classroom. Thus, the online whiteboard is a great way to enhance interaction and communication in the online classroom. The virtual whiteboard provides an intuitive interface for students of all ages. It doesn’t require an expert to create fun and interactive lessons. Teachers can easily create customized lesson templates which are easy for onboard students to understand. There is no prior knowledge required to operate this whiteboard.
  • Whether you’re teaching in-person or remotely, this interactive whiteboard tool is designed to make collaboration easy, engaged and able to save and share the lessons with easy functionality. Teachers can organize the work remotely with the use of a whiteboard and invite students where they can able to learn in real-time with this interactive whiteboard.

Online whiteboards for teaching: What you need to know?

The online whiteboard tools offer better collaboration during lectures to visualize and simplify the concepts and ideas for students to contribute. Let’s discuss how students engage and collaborate with this tool.
  • Create a document and add all students where they can communicate with each other, edit the document, and share and track student’s activities across the canvas in real-time. This visual brainstorming technique offers various ideas and can create visual learning with the inclusion of mind maps, idea boards, and concept maps which makes students have more fun and never forget the discussed topics.
  • Create a document where you can also use the Google Drive integration, to organize, and manage for completing the assignments. Teachers are able to track the student’s homework and the platform allows them to review and leave feedback.
  • Online whiteboards bridge the gap with the shared space where students and teachers can interact with each other during the lesson. Make use of applications and create a quiz, fun games in which students can be involved in real-time.
  • Teachers can make use of visual representations of charts, diagrams, posters, and infographics to explain complex concepts which are easy to create and share the visuals quickly. Add more shapes and images which are easy to import from gadgets.
  • With the big canvas options, the online whiteboards allow you to create visually stunning and engaging presentations where it is easy to zoom each slide, explain the contents, and share or video conferencing is possible with the whiteboards.
  • Presenting the important concepts from creating a chart, graph or diagram on an interactive whiteboard during the lesson encourages the students to write down their notes. You can create a template and share it with students for note-taking.

To conclude, the advantages may provide a clear understanding of how interactive whiteboards offer various options to teachers and students in learning online. Teachers need to take full advantage of choosing the best interactive panel for education that creates an effective learning environment where the students can learn from anywhere with the support of online.

Interactive Whiteboard Means

The myth is that some think that an interactive whiteboard is a projector. Let’s clear the cloud first.

The machine works to display whatever is on the computer screen to the whiteboard is the purpose of the projector. Now, using an interactive white board similar to how a computer is used, with your fingers instead of a mouse. The operations and activities that have been digitized make it simple to communicate with one another and brainstorm together.

The purpose of white boards in places like education institutes is to make easy video conferencing and teaching, then in conferences in corporations where it is easy to give presentations and discussions.