Interactive flat panels vs Traditional whiteboards: The advantages and trade-offs

Interactive flat panels vs Traditional whiteboards
Technology certainly getting its way in incorporating the interactive whiteboards and smart boards to engage the audience, interactive and benefit while presentation and visual appealing formats. This article showcases the advantages of using interactive displays for education and traditional white boards. Let’s discuss further.

Interactive flat panels vs Traditional whiteboards: The advantages and trade-offs

Interactive whiteboards display the images on screen with sensors it can respond to the pens, erasers and fingers. Interactive whiteboards become outdated as the innovations grow.
Interactive flat panels are touchscreen monitors which is advanced version of interactive whiteboards that basically runs with android operating system. This best interactive panel for education provides the flexibility and uses to achieve the goals where educators, business delegates make use of these preferable choice over interactive whiteboards. Let’s discuss interactive flat panel display advantages.


Interactive displays in education with apparently vast conceivable outcomes when contrasted with additional conventional choices. They can be utilized to share and present substance, feature significant data, connect with students in bunch exercises.

Educators can likewise utilize intelligent showcases to lead interactive discussions, teach utilizing charts and recordings, and lead instructive game meetings. Turning out to be further developed, the far and wide development of applications, online instructive substance, and computerized educational plan has encouraged their effect in the study hall, serving to all the more actually overcome any issues between such satisfied and the learning climate.

Computerized educational program has become particularly basic in the midst of remote and crossover learning, and interactive flat panels assist with rejuvenating this substance through intuitive substance, recordings, games, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Educators can teach progressively before an flat panel displays to both face to face and far off studentswith the expansion of AV arrangements.

This adaptability makes it simpler for students to learn in the manner that best suits them. Audio, visual, and active students can watch and pay attention to material and track with on their own synchronized gadgets continuously.


Interactive displays show likewise assist with working with a more intelligent and drawing in opportunity for growth for students- and they’re essential.

Students can compose, draw, and alter straightforwardly on the showcase with smart touch to perceive fingers, pointers, palms, markers, and that’s just the beginning.

The significance of this can’t be disregarded, as studies show intelligence and commitment are decidedly connected to understudy execution.

Expanded student engagements can further develop test scores, with the vast majority of students in a single report detailing they believed they learned better when an intelligent presentation was utilized during class. To additional commitment considerably more, instructors can without much of a stretch sum up and give illustration decks to students to further developed openness and learning maintenance.


One of the key reasons why Interactive Flat Panels outperform Interactive Whiteboards is their superior resolution of images. The graphics and text on interactive flat panels are more colourful and detailed because they have greater resolutions and better contrast ratios than interactive whiteboards. This is crucial in schools as students must be able to read and clearly perceive the text on screens.


Schools must take into account the fact that interactive flat panels are more robust than interactive whiteboards. Projectors used in interactive whiteboards are exposed to breaking if they move around or are knocked. In contrast, Interactive Flat Panels are more robust to harm since they are made of sturdy materials and have a solid-state construction. The solid-state construction makes Interactive Flat Panels education has long life and need less maintenance, which saves money for schools.


The exhibition issues of prior intuitive presentation models are solidly in the rearview, as the present gadgets are simple for the two teachers and students of all ages to figure out how to utilize.

Tapping on connections and buttons, featuring text, moving things, and sharing substance remotely are exceptionally natural and intended for smoothed out use.

IT staff can likewise halfway deal by means of the free presentation instrument, fit for arranging show settings, sending and introducing applications and broadcast messages from the work area, and that’s just the beginning.

Reduced costs:

Planning for schools is generally a top-of-mind worry for instructors and overseers, and intelligent presentations benefit these drives. Interactive flat panels address a particular forthright cost that will not eat into future spending plans, giving a minimal expense of responsibility for.
  • Spend less cash on paper, printing, and supplies for examples
  • Wipe out continuous projector upkeep costs
  • Access various applications that are modest and that can assist with further developing the growth opportunity
  • Spend less paper, dry markers, erasers, chalk, and slate paint, all of which can help the climate
  • This includes the expense of transportation damaged boards and the conveyance of substitution boards.
  • This guarantee additionally adds to the diminished expense of responsibility for.
However, there are a few drawbacks as well. A big display or other screen for presentation may be more than sufficient for your purposes if you don’t require interactive features, and they are typically slightly simpler to operate. Due to their weight and cost, digital whiteboards solutions are typically rented rather than bought. Consequently, moving them can be a little challenging.